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The length of the day is determined in

astronomical units
solar terms
length of the hours
None of the above
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Karogh said:   2 years ago
The IAU also defines other astronomical units: the astronomical unit of time is 1 day (d) of 86,400 SI seconds (s) (SI is the International System of Units) and the astronomical unit of mass is equal to the mass of the Sun, 1.9891*1030 kg.

Tahrim said:   6 years ago
Astronomical unit i.e light years are used to measure distances between heavenly bodies.

Length of the day, however, depends on the time taken by earth to complete one revolution in respect to a particular heavenly object.

Rohani said:   8 years ago
Astronomical units are the distance between earth and sun, approximately 150 million kilometers.

Diapk paudel said:   8 years ago
Astronomical units is the distance between earth and sun.

Hardik said:   9 years ago
Length of day is determined by number of sunshine hours measured using sunshine recorder.

Naahin said:   1 decade ago
Can anyone tell how is it determined ?

SUBHROJYOTI said:   1 decade ago
How is it related to the length of the day?

Gagan said:   1 decade ago
1 AU= 149.60*10^6km

Chandru said:   1 decade ago
1 Astronomical unit is equal to distance between sun and the earth ie.,(approximately 150 million kilometers).

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