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The leading state in producing paper is

[A]. Bihar
[B]. West Bengal
[C]. Kerala
[D]. Orissa

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Sanat Pramanick said: (Dec 16, 2011)  

1.Andhara Pradesh - 18%
2.Maharastra - 14%
3.West Bengal - 11%
4.Orissa - 8%
5.Karnataka - 7%
6.Gujrat - 7%

Derpa said: (Dec 21, 2012)  
That is because west Bengal is a type of tiger. Everyone knows that tigers produce abundant quantities of paper.

Pankaj said: (Mar 24, 2016)  
How is it? because tiger eats too much paper or it is because tiger can climb the tree and their tiger makes a factory.

Raji said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
How it is west Bengal. Is it related to tigers?

Abhishek said: (Nov 14, 2017)  
It is because the soil of West Bengal suitable for paper plant.

Rajendra said: (Oct 1, 2020)  
Also, Eucalyptus is most grown in West Bengal.

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