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The island of Sri Lanka formerly known as

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Zaitoon said:   1 year ago
Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, separated from India by a narrow strait. It is about the same size as Tasmania. The northern part of the island consists of flat and gently rolling plains, while the south central region varies from hilly to mountainous.

RAVIKUMAR said:   5 years ago
Tasmania is in Australia.

Riri said:   6 years ago
Madagascar is located just below S.Africa @Lokesh.

Lokesh said:   7 years ago
Where is Madagascar?

Mr . said:   9 years ago
Dhruvil ceylon is the ancient name of the Sri Lanka.

Dhruvil said:   9 years ago
Can anybody explain why Sri lanka is also known as ceylon?

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