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The humidity of the air depends upon

[A]. temperature
[B]. location
[C]. weather
[D]. All of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Anji said: (Oct 11, 2012)  
What is humidity?

Vinitha said: (Mar 19, 2013)  
Humidity means the amount of moisture in air.

Neeraj said: (Jul 3, 2013)  
Humidity depends on location of land, temperature of atmosphere as well as weather of that area.

Melwin said: (Mar 23, 2015)  
What is moisture?

Mayowa said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Moisture is the soft or wet parts of the earth.

Vicky said: (Aug 28, 2015)  
A quantity representing the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere or in a gas.

Seengar Ali said: (Oct 8, 2015)  
What is the meaning of atmosphere?

Madhav said: (Feb 13, 2016)  
The hole mass of air that surrounds the earth.

Md Salman Khurshid said: (Nov 27, 2019)  
Moisture is the soft or wet parts of the earth. Why?

Goku said: (Nov 28, 2019)  
How does it depend on location?

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