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The higher the wind speed and the longer the fetch or distance of open water across which the wind blows and waves travel, the ____ waves and the ____ energy they process.

larger, more
larger, less
smaller, more
smaller, less
Answer: Option
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Sheela devi said:   4 years ago
Agree, A is the right option.

Ashok said:   5 years ago
If the speed of wind then it applies pressure in the forward direction which leads Bernoulli's principle i.e. negative pressure created on the water surface more waves are formed and due to the same direction of wave and wind, it posses high energy.

Chandan said:   6 years ago
Option A is right.

Tina said:   7 years ago
It is with high speed.

Oladex solace said:   9 years ago
The higher the speed of water, the wild and the distance will depend the larger that will made or perform.

Ayub said:   10 years ago
Long distance winds traveled more velocity because the winds are large and more waves.

Mithasha Danodhi said:   10 years ago
By considering oceanic wave energy in energy crisis, it depends on the height and the speed of waves ! When it comes to producing electricity, it should be a powerful thing.

Nivedita said:   1 decade ago
Larger waves when travel with high speed in open water so it collects more energy.It becomes more energetic and under the pressure of wind it becomes more powerful.

Ravi teja said:   1 decade ago
Larger waves when travel long distances in open waters collect the moisture and become more energetic and hence develop large waves with more energy.

Wasim said:   1 decade ago
Which country is the middle of the world ?

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