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The great Victoria Desert is located in

West Africa
North America
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Sanjit said:   1 decade ago
The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia and consists of many small sandhills, grassland plains, areas with a closely packed surface of pebbles (called desert pavement or gibber plains) and salt lakes. It is over 700 kilometres (430 mi) wide (from west to east) and covers an area of 424,400 square kilometres (163,900 sq mi) from the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia to the Gawler Ranges in South Australia.

Shabeer ali said:   9 years ago
It is the largest subtropical hot desert and third largest desert after Antarctica and the Arctic. At over 9,400,000 square kilometers (3,600,000 sq mi), it covers most of North Africa, and is nearly the area of China or the United States.

Ullas ns said:   7 years ago
Can anyone know about, why the name victoria comes in the victoria desert?

Achutharaj said:   1 decade ago
Its size is 424,400 km2 (163,900 miles2) according to most sources

Govindankutty said:   8 years ago
When was the Sahara Desert Formed? Can anyone tell me the year?

Md Muzammil said:   8 years ago
Gobi desert (Mongolia) is the coldest desert about -50 c.

Talwinder singh said:   1 decade ago
Great victoria desert is situated in western Australia.

Rajitvel perumal said:   10 years ago
Australia its a nice place to locate a nice desert.

Vipin avasthi said:   1 decade ago
This is shown in the australian physical map.

Rajesh kansana said:   6 years ago
Thanks all! This knowledge is useful for me.

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