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When discussing technology, a hot spot is...

[A]. A small overheated area on a CPU
[B]. A place served by public wireless access
[C]. Jargon for an X-rated Web site
[D]. A faulty area in the programming code

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Hitesh Kumar Aggarwal said: (Oct 1, 2014)  

Your answer has been wrong may be hot spot technology basically depend on RAID totally based on (Linux OS) and IN hotspot Technology you used three HDD in one machine when any one HDD failed for any reason in any condition just one thing you take one new black HDD (seal packed) open the seal and physically install new hdd and remove (faulty) HDD. And Hot Spot technology automatically detect new hdd and automatically install all software which is install already install in your OLd (faulty) HDD as well as automatically transfer all data. All work automatically work its a hotspot technology.

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