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Who among the following is NOT associated with billiards in India?

[A]. Subash Agrawal
[B]. Ashok Shandilya
[C]. Manoj Kothari
[D]. Mihir Sen

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ganesh said: (Sep 14, 2010)  
Mihir Sen is a swimmer.

Garima said: (Oct 9, 2010)  
Mihir Sen was an Indian lawyer more notable for his career as a record-setting swimmer. He became the first Indian to swim the English Channel.

Ritesh Upadhyay said: (Nov 6, 2010)  
Mihir is a famous Indian swimmer.

Sheedu said: (Oct 8, 2011)  
Mihor Sen was a great swimmer who swum had english channel. He is not at all related to billiards.

Nisha said: (Jun 29, 2012)  
Mihir Sen, the long distance Swimmer who was the first Indian and Asian to swim across the English Channel.

Ankit Dwivedi said: (Jan 8, 2016)  
He is the first Indian to swim across English Channel.

Kishan said: (Sep 21, 2018)  
He was a swimmer.

Pradeep Mdu said: (Jun 11, 2019)  
He is the first Indian to swim across English Channel.

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