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How many players are there in Kabbadi team?
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Ryshabh Rane said:   3 years ago
It is 7 players.

Sriramakrishna said:   5 years ago
There are actually a total of 12 players in the team: 7 players in the ground + 5 players for reserve.

Uday Dhammi said:   5 years ago
That is the basic rule of Kabaddi.

Akshai kumar said:   7 years ago
There are 7 players on the court, 2 in defense, 3 all rounders, 2 riders in a team.

Dhoni said:   7 years ago
They are 7 payers.

TANISHK said:   7 years ago
In kabaddi, there are 7 players. This is the rule of kabaddi.

Mithil Mohan Pathak said:   7 years ago
Each team in a kabaddi match consists of 7 players playing on court, while 3 support players.

Ojas Pandey said:   8 years ago
That is the rule of Kabbadi.

Gopi said:   1 decade ago
Seven player in one team.

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