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The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves
viscosity of ink
capillary action phenomenon
diffusion of ink through the blotting
siphon action
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Anu said:   1 decade ago
Capillary action, or capillarity, is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, and in opposition to external forces like gravity. The effect can be seen in the drawing up of liquids between the hairs of a paint-brush, in a thin tube, in porous materials such as paper, in some non-porous materials such as liquified carbon fiber, or in a cell. It occurs because of inter-molecular attractive forces between the liquid and solid surrounding surfaces. If the diameter of the tube is sufficiently small, then the combination of surface tension

Waheed kaka khel said:   7 years ago

The diffusion will be there it true then there must be a gape between the particle to allow for diffusion the ink so the answer should be b because the capillary tube will allow the dopping material to fill the blanks that are the basic reason.

RAJA said:   10 years ago
Diffusion refers to the movement of liquid between different concentrations but this is not actually that her pores in the blotting paper absorbs the neglecting the forces of gravity so here the capillarity action is done.

Brian said:   8 years ago
Guys I have met with the same problem. This question was asked one of my entrance exams I have selected B option.

But when I saw in my book it was option A, So I confused with this can anybody tell the correct option?

Ousman said:   9 years ago
I really love this question and answer online because it really make physics and easy and interesting subject. So there I really thank you for your wonderful affords to wards this subject.

Thank you.

Bhavana said:   1 decade ago
I think the absorption of ink by blotting paper involves capillary action phenomenon because the blotting paper is a thin and a smooth paper which allows a little thicker liquids like ink to absorb.

Rajkamal gupta said:   1 decade ago
Blotting paper is thick soft paper that you use for soaking up and drying ink on a piece of paper. So It has many capillarity tube by which ink may be absorb in piece of paper.

Sahil said:   1 decade ago
Capillary action is due to surface tension of liquid, when a capillary is submerged in a liquid, the liquid will rise or fall due its surface tension and pressure.

Nibedita said:   1 decade ago
The phenomenon of rise or fall of liquid in a capillary tube is capillarity. As fine pores of blotting paper act like capillary tubes ink rises in them.

EMMAH said:   6 years ago
Surely, it seems to be diffusion since on the paper the ink was highly spread in one position and at last absorbed to low concentrated region.

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