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Light from the Sun reaches us in nearly
2 minutes
4 minutes
8 minutes
16 minutes
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Nageshwarreddy said:   5 years ago
The distance between the sun and earth is not same in a year, then how can we calculate time taken for light to reach earth?

Ritu said:   6 years ago
The time taken by sunlight to reach earth is 8 min 20 sec.

Jayanta said:   7 years ago
Is speed of light always same? Gravitational pull affects light?

Abd'Raheem zainab said:   7 years ago
So will the light energy continue to decrease? If so where are we heading to on this earth?

Alamthegreat said:   8 years ago
The light of sun reaches earth exactly at 9 minutes 19 seconds. It has increased because the light energy has decreased so it take more time reach now.

Lokesh kumar said:   9 years ago
Light from the sun reaches the earth in 1 minute.

Payal said:   9 years ago
Distance b/w Earth & Sun [D]= 15*10^7 km.
Speed of light in vacuum [v]= 3*10^8 km/sec.
Let time taken by sunlight to reach earth = T.

We know that,

V=D/T or T=D/V.

That means T=15*10^7 / 3*10^8.
= 5*10^-1 sec or 5*10^-1/60 min.
= 8.3 min.

Nitesh namdev said:   10 years ago
Distance of sun from earth = 150,000,000 km.

Speed of light = 3,00,000 km/sec = 18,000,000 km/minute.

So time taken by sunlight to reach earth = (150,000,000 / 18,000,000) minute = 8.3 min.

Tamanna kochar said:   1 decade ago
Delay is due to difference in densities of layers. i.e., when sun rises at horizon its rays gets somewhat deflected due to which they have to cover more area to reach our eyes.

Manu said:   1 decade ago
The sunling is very powerful and very long from our eyesight, that's why much time to reach the light from here.

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