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What Galileo invented?

[A]. Barometer
[B]. Pendulum clock
[C]. Microscope
[D]. Thermometer

Answer: Option D


Various authors have credited the invention of the thermometer to Cornelius Drebbel, Robert Fludd, Galileo Galilei or Santorio Santorio. The thermometer was not a single invention, however, but a development.

Galileo Galilei also discovered that objects (glass spheres filled with aqueous alcohol) of slightly different densities would rise and fall, which is nowadays the principle of the Galileo thermometer (shown). Today such thermometers are calibrated to a temperature scale.

Sandesha said: (Jul 3, 2011)  
Is it right? then who invent pendulum clock!

Divika said: (Jul 24, 2011)  
Galileo just give the ide of pendulum swings but execution was completed by cristiaan huygens in 1656 invented pendulum clock.

Saurav said: (Sep 5, 2011)  
Yeah Galileo had invented one Air-based thermometer. Usual mercury thermometer was developed by Fareinheit.

Jameela Faisal said: (Feb 7, 2012)  
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenhterhiet invented the thermometer and galielio invented the microscope whereaa the ones who developed the microscope were Johannas and Zacharias Janssen.

Anand said: (Feb 24, 2013)  
Certain books say Galileo invented binoculars.

Adarsh Kumar Prajapati said: (Mar 17, 2013)  
When Galileo invented thermometer?

Sri said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
When Galileo was Born?

Yamini Singh said: (Jan 28, 2014)  
When Galileo discovered thermometer?

Kirankumar said: (Feb 22, 2014)  
Galileo was born on 15 February 1564. Galileo did invent a thermometer, called Galileo's air thermometer (more accurately termed a thermoscope) , in or before 1603.

Another invention that Galileo worked on was a pendulum clock.

Hii said: (Jun 12, 2014)  
Galileo inventions include telescope, pendulum clock.

Greenmax said: (Aug 19, 2014)  
I am with @Hii. His invention was telescope as I have read in many many books. I never knew about other inventions of his.

Surya said: (Sep 19, 2014)  
I think Galileo invented the telescope not Thermometer.

Ranjitha said: (Jan 8, 2015)  
Who invented pendulum clock?

Rams said: (Jan 21, 2015)  
Who invented microscope?

Thanmayi said: (Apr 20, 2015)  
Galileo developed the telescope, discovered the movement of pendulum which produces a regular time measurement.

Yoges Waran said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
When Galileo was born?

Ashher said: (Aug 13, 2015)  
Who invented telescope?

Rajashekar Rebel said: (Oct 14, 2015)  
Can I know who invented pendulum clock?

Nick said: (Oct 16, 2015)  
How could Galileo invent thermometer?

Charulata said: (Mar 7, 2016)  
Galileo only invented "Pendulum clock and also thermometer".

Gitesh Narayan Patil said: (Jun 19, 2016)  
Guys let me clear the confusion.

Barometer - Evangelista Torricelli.

Thermometer - Santorio was the first to apply a numerical scale to his thermoscope, which later evolved into the thermometer. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit who invented the alcohol thermometer in 1709, and the mercury thermometer in 1714.

Pendulum Clock - Christiaan Huygens.
Microscope - Zacharias Janssen.
Telescope - Hans Lippershey.

What about Galileo then?
After the invention of Telescope - Hans Lippershey, He is the one used it and made changes for further development.
Galileo heard of Microscope experiments and started experimenting on his own. He described the principles of lenses and light rays and improved both the microscope and telescope.
Although Thermometer named after Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, He himself explained in his book that he is not the inventor of the actual thermometer. He did invented thermometer called Galileo Thermometer.
(specifically Thermoscope) in or before 1603.
So the answer would be a thermometer. :)
Hope, this will clear your doubts.

Shashank Shrey said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
Thanks a lot, @Gitesh Narayan Patil.

Anvita Mohapatra said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
I think, it's wrong. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit invented the thermometer.

Prasanthi said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
Who invented pendulum?

Shy said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
Galileo invented telescope.

Is it right?

Kshetra said: (Oct 29, 2019)  
Then who invented pendulum.

Kshetra said: (Oct 29, 2019)  
Galileo had invented pendulum but from where this thermometer has come.

Debashis Das said: (Jun 5, 2021)  
Pendulum Clock invented by Christian Huygens.

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