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The central banking functions in India are performed by the

  1. Central Bank of India
  2. Reserve Bank of India
  3. State Bank of India
  4. Punjab National Bank

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Subhash said:   4 years ago
APEX means?

Raghav said:   4 years ago
Monterey authority and liability rights are with RBI. So known as bankers bank. Therefore RBI is the central bank too.

Nima Thendup Bhutia said:   5 years ago
Reserve Bank of India.

C.Jayaramakrishnan said:   5 years ago
Which is the correct answer? Please tell me.

Manjunath g Wali said:   5 years ago
RBI is the constitutional body established in the year 1934 as a watchingdig of financial system in the country and it is the banker if all the banks in the country.

Vivek chhetri said:   5 years ago
RBI is the head office of all banks.

Sanjay Yadav said:   5 years ago
Yes, RBI is the central bank of India.

Ashok kalo said:   5 years ago
What is the monetary policy? anybody answer it?

Venkat said:   5 years ago
Supreme Bank of India is RBI and all the decisions and monitory policies will decided by the one only.

Skab rauf said:   6 years ago
RBI is the banker of the banks which is the apex institution regulating all functions in the country.

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