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Development expenditure of the Central government does not include

defence expenditure
expenditure on economic services
expenditure on social and community services
grant to states
Answer: Option
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SOURAV MISTRY said:   1 year ago
Defence does not come to development exp.

The defence is fully different.

ANAND said:   3 years ago
Transformation of security and power itself. Its development of Our security can we take it's as our productive outcome?

Smriti said:   4 years ago
Defence doesn't come in development expenditure. But what about grants to states?

Anyone tell me.

Umesh Jain said:   5 years ago
India spent a lot of percentage of GDP on defense expense, however simply this reason can not change its characteristics to development exp. Defense expenditure is for sure incurred for safety and security of state and its people, so it should not included in development category.

Manjunath g Wali said:   5 years ago
The development expenditures if central government not includes, the expenses made on defence because of there is not returns and those expenditures are burden to any government and India com3s under top 10 countries which spend more on defence.

Ankit sarda said:   6 years ago
According to me, any expenditure can't be a grant to any government, however, defence expenditure can be development expenditure for their respective department. It will be inappropriate to say for this perticular que that this is not defance expenditure. Answer should be IV.

Goutam said:   6 years ago
Why not grand to state?

Pooja said:   6 years ago
Defense is for the security purpose not for development. Grant paid to state also relate with development within the state may be through the various scheme.

Sushmita said:   6 years ago
Defense does not come under development.

Vankatesk said:   6 years ago
Good and useful information. Thank you all.

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