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The book of Parsis is

[A]. Torah
[B]. Bible
[C]. Zend Avesta
[D]. Gita

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Wink said: (Oct 17, 2012)  
What is torah?

Mohd Naiem said: (Jan 25, 2013)  
Towart is the Arabic word for the Torah. Muslim believe that it was a holy book of Islam given by Allaha to Musa (Moses). The meaning of Towart as per the Quran is law. In Quran the word Towart occures eighteen times and the name of Musa is mentioned 136 times in the Quran.

Praveen said: (May 17, 2013)  
Torah is the holy book of jews, consists of 5 books, commonly known as old testament.

Shruti said: (Jun 15, 2013)  
Torah: Jewish Traditional teachings.

Bible: Religious book of the Christians.

Zend Avesta :: Aveste: sacred texts of Zoroastrianism; Zend: commentaries on the individual Avestan books.

Gita: part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata; Hindu religious guide.

Archana said: (Sep 19, 2014)  
What is Zoroastrianism?

Sdfg said: (Nov 26, 2014)  
It is the religion whose god is fire.

Seetharam said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
Hindu religion is first in world.

Ansh said: (Apr 2, 2016)  
Zend Avesta what is it?

Pranjal said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
What is religion?

Debajit said: (Dec 1, 2016)  

A particular caste having a god to worship is called religion.

Vinitha said: (Dec 15, 2016)  
What is torah?

Rachana said: (May 28, 2017)  

Torah is the religious book of Jewish.

Yash said: (Jun 11, 2018)  
Zend Avesta is a book of Paris.

Abi Joseph said: (Jul 13, 2018)  
Holy Bible consists of two parts one is old and other new testaments. The books that recorded the events law etc before Jesus Christ are an old testament. books that recorded the events during and after Jesus Christ are a new testament. The first five books written by mosses are called Torah and these five books are the holy book for Jews.

Dilip said: (Sep 8, 2019)  
This is a religious book used by the Parsis; it contains different laws, liturgy, and other teachings within the scripture. It is written in Avestan language that is only understood by the Parsis. Avast is a Persian name that is used to refer to boys and girls to mean foundation, principle, or fellowship. The Zend Avesta has been in existence for the longest possible and is one of the oldest religions that still exist.

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