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Rabindranath Tagore's 'Jana Gana Mana' has been adopted as India's National Anthem. How many stanzas of the said song were adopted?
Only the first stanza
The whole song
Third and Fourth stanza
First and Second stanza
Answer: Option
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Afia said:   7 years ago
Thanks all.

Shane said:   7 years ago
How is said to be only one stanza?

Pravallika said:   7 years ago
Unity in diversity is seen in our country.


Sakti prasad satapathy said:   7 years ago
In this, adhinayaka means a king, why we say it for our mother?

Nasrudheen said:   8 years ago
Sare jahan se achcha is a patriotic song which defines India's culture well.

Aditya said:   8 years ago
Our national anthem contained 5 paragraphs we took only the first one.

Anand Hagjer said:   8 years ago
I am very proud of my India. Because India's culture is a great country.

Rajesh said:   8 years ago
Same doubt @Sneha.

Please give answer for our doubt.

Sneha said:   8 years ago
Why only the first stanza from the total 5 stanzas?

Raj said:   8 years ago
The National anthem has five stanzas only first one adopted.

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