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Who composed the famous song 'Sare Jahan SeAchha'?

[A]. Jaidev
[B]. Mohammad Iqbal
[C]. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
[D]. Rabindranath Tagore

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Ashutosh said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
Saare Jahan Se Achchha, formal name: Tarana-e-Hindi, is one of the enduring patriotic poems of the Urdu language. Written for children in the ghazal style of Urdu poetry by poet Muhammad Iqbal, the poem was published in the weekly journal Ittehad on 16 August 1904.

Recited by Iqbal the following year at Government College, Lahore, now in Pakistan, it quickly became an anthem of opposition to the British rule in India. The song, an ode to Hindustan " the land comprising present-day Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan" both celebrated and cherished the land even as it lamented its age-old anguish. As Tarana-e-Hindi, it was later published in 1924 in the Urdu book Bang-i-Dara.

Mirza Atiq said: (Aug 19, 2015)  
The best song I have ever listened.

Shikha Anand said: (Apr 7, 2017)  
The poem was published this song in the weekly journal Ittehad on 16 August 1904.

Sumita Aggarwal said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
No, Pandit Ravi Shankar composed 'sare jahan se accha'. It was written by Mohammad Iqbal.

Abubakr said: (Aug 8, 2018)  
Mohammad Iqbal's mother tongue was Urdu &Sare Jahan SeAchha" is also a Urdu song.

Ravi said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
Yes, You are right @Sumita Aggarwal.

Anant Kaushik said: (Oct 11, 2018)  
No, It was Composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar.

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