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Kalchakra ceremony is associated with which of the following ceremonies?

[A]. Hinduism
[B]. Buddhism
[C]. Jainism
[D]. Islam

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Arvind said: (Feb 22, 2014)  
Please tell something about this ceremony?

Ajish said: (May 1, 2014)  
The word Kalachakra(Kalchakra) is a very complex teaching and practice in Tibetan Buddhism.

Shivaraju C M said: (Feb 16, 2015)  
Kalachakra was also being practiced by Vedic(Hindu) people. How can you conclude that it is only associated with Buddhism?

Dk Nayak said: (May 7, 2016)  
Kalchakra is a vedic word which relate to tantric and its relate to Buddhism with kalchakra stooph.

Mahesh said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Hindu is an religion which adopts all the good from its universe practice of kalchakra is also one among them. At tht time there has more influence in Hinduism by Buddhist teachings.

Manoj said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
Kalachakra, a tantra system for overcoming the ravages of time and attaining enlightenment.

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