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'Natya - Shastra' the main source of India's classical dances was written by
Nara Muni
Bharat Muni
Abhinav Gupt
Tandu Muni
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Priya said:   5 years ago
Who is Abhinav Gupt? Give details about him.

Samiksha said:   6 years ago
Who is Bharat Muni?

Chandrakant said:   6 years ago
What is Nara Muni?

Kapil said:   6 years ago
The Natyasastra discusses dance and many other performance arts.

Desai said:   7 years ago
Who is Tandu Muni?

Please give the details

Pranamya said:   7 years ago
Natya shastra mainly related to Claasical dance as for I know.

JENNY said:   7 years ago
I think she was an ancient dancer.

Urmi said:   8 years ago
It is said that on the demand of god, god Brahma produced Natyaved by extracting some portions from the four Vedas and entrusted it to sage Bharat. This treatise gives a detailed information about origin and nature of drama.

Harshini said:   8 years ago
I think Natya - Shastra tells the history of some historical events through a dance.

Gulab singh said:   9 years ago
This question is doubt please help me.

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