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Which is/are the important raw material(s) required in cement industry?
Gypsum and Clay
Limestone and Clay
Answer: Option
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BerryDusk said:   3 years ago
Please explain.

Sachin said:   4 years ago
Gypsum is also used to decrease solidity properties of cement.

Rajendra prasad said:   6 years ago
Limestone and clay is main raw materials cement but gypsum add reduced rating of cement.

Neal.B.V said:   6 years ago
Limestone and gypson both are highly used in making cement.

DIMPAL SHARMA said:   7 years ago
The most common raw meterial used in cement production are;

* Limestone (supplies the bulk of the lime).
* Clay, marl or shale (supplies the bulk of the silica, alumina and ferric oxide).
* Other supplementary materials such as sand, fly ash/pulverised fuel ash (PFA), or ironstone to achieve the desired bulk composition.

During the cement manufacturing process, upon the cooling of clinker, a small amount of gypsum is introduced during the final grinding process. Gypsum is added to control the "setting of cement". Gypsum is a mineral and is hydrated calcium sulfate in chemical form.

Shubham gaurav said:   7 years ago
Gypsum is also used in cement manufacturing but why the answer is option c?

Prashant wakde said:   7 years ago
Both are very useful in manufacturing the cement.

Hamza saleem said:   8 years ago
Limestone is calcium carbonate and gypsum is also used in making cement.

Siva said:   10 years ago
Gypsum is also used in cement manufacture.

Ashokan said:   1 decade ago
Gypsum is the important role. Whenever the percentage of gypsum increased the hardness will be increased.

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