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Which of the following rays are more penetrating?
Beta rays
Alpha rays
Gamma rays
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Sundar said:   6 years ago
Gamma>x ray>beta>alpha.

Rasheedullah said:   8 years ago
What is means of penetrating power?

Srinivas said:   8 years ago
Ionization power is inversely proportional to the penetrating power.

Saikrishna said:   9 years ago
Gamma rays has the least wave length, and has no charge too.

So isn't the answer x rays?

Saikat ghosh said:   9 years ago
What type of charge does x-rays have?

Nabin said:   9 years ago
Gamma rays have about 1,000 time more energy than X-rays. The difference between gamma rays and X-rays is in the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation.

Harjit said:   1 decade ago
Because gamma rays are neutral particle, it has low ionization power and high penetrating power.

Kriti said:   1 decade ago
Gamma rays are electrically neutral, which has low ionization power and as high penetrating power.

Raghavendra said:   1 decade ago
Because gamma rays have no charge and no mass, they are the most penetrating

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