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Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?

[A]. Thorium
[B]. Graphite
[C]. Radium
[D]. Ordinary water

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Roopsai said: (Dec 16, 2010)  
Since the graphite reduce the speed of an electron (13,200 km/s) to the speed of (22,000 m/s).

Anil said: (Jun 13, 2011)  
But some times ordinary water is also used for enriched uranium reactor.

Jaz said: (Aug 27, 2011)  
What is moderator?

Chanti said: (Feb 29, 2012)  
I think graphite used but may be any substance used to slower down the rate of reaction.

Abhishek Mishra said: (Apr 20, 2012)  
Heavy water and graphite are main constituent of nuclear reactor.

Jbp said: (May 13, 2012)  
Moderator means speed slower

Anju Kumari said: (Jun 1, 2012)  
I think radium is used because it moderate the rate of reaction.

Kriti said: (Jul 5, 2012)  
Graphite is used as moderator in nuclear reactor because it slow downs the fast moving electrons which are coming from fission reaction.

Ram Dular Sahu said: (Sep 9, 2012)  
Graphite is used as which speed reduced of reactor.

Pradeep said: (Sep 28, 2012)  
Since graphite absorb neutron. Which helps to produce nuclear reaction in a controlled manner.

Gauri Shintre said: (Dec 6, 2012)  
Graphite is commonly as moderator as they slow down the speed of neutrons produced during fission.

Pavan said: (May 1, 2013)  
Even ordianry water is used as moderator in some nuclear fission reactors.

Aparna said: (May 15, 2013)  
Graphite is able to withstand at high temperatures without losing its properties so graphite is used.

Sushmitha said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
Graphite is most commonly used in nuclear reactor because it can withstand very high temperatures and slow downs the moving electrons.

Deepak said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Graphite is used because is cheaper supplement as compared to other options and more withstanding capacity is available.

Sumanth said: (Sep 30, 2013)  
What is the property of graphite that reduce the speed of neutrons ?

Rajendra Kushawaha said: (Jan 31, 2014)  
Heavy water and graphite are used in nuclear reactor for moderator in nuclear fission.

Shyam said: (Mar 27, 2014)  
Graphite is used as moderator since it moderate the speed of neutron. But BARC, uses water as moderator.

Anokh said: (May 18, 2014)  
Because it used in nuclear fusion.

Aman said: (Apr 16, 2015)  
In nuclear reactor heavy water and carbon rod is used. In this point of view graphite is a pure form of carbon. So answer is (B).

Srinivas said: (Apr 24, 2015)  
Is D20 is used as moderator in nuclear reactor?

Priya said: (Sep 1, 2015)  
Graphite is used because it slows down the speed of neutrons so that the nuclear reaction can occur in a controlled manner.

Arsalan said: (Sep 6, 2015)  
Graphite is used in nuclear reaction.

Patan Irfan Khan said: (Sep 13, 2015)  
Moderator means to slow down the neutrons. With the help of graphite electrode.

Zeuos said: (Oct 10, 2015)  
Graphite is good nuclear reactor.

S Kumur said: (Feb 10, 2016)  
In nuclear reactor cadmium rod and D2O is used to moderate the electron to speed down the reaction.

Sss said: (Apr 25, 2016)  
@S Kumur.

Why cadmium rods are used?

Gajendra Malav said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Graphite moderating ratio is 170. It is a second best moderator first is D2O.

Mukunda Pollayi said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
In nuclear reactors. There is. No participation of electrons. Only proton and neutron only. In this case, both graphite and heavy water (20. Atomic mass) are suggestible.

Both reduce the speed of neutrons.

Then, The probability of colliding nature of neutrons to uranium will increase.

In each collision, 3 neutrons released out of 3, two are absorbed by cadmium rods. Remaining 1 neutron speed will be controlled by graphite and heavy water.

Edward Narteh said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
What property of water makes it a good moderator?

Satinath Maity said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
I think ordinary water is more strong answer than graphite.

Zahid said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
But ordinary water is not used as moderator there are many types moderators like graphite, cd road as well as d2o.

Anurag Ranjan said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
Beryllium and heavy water is also used as moderate of nuclear reactor.

Harsh said: (May 27, 2018)  
Heavy water is used for this.

Pradeep Singh Choudhary said: (Jun 5, 2018)  
But mostly used moderator is light water. Which is used upto 75%.

Vansh said: (Dec 2, 2018)  
Graphite is a naturally-occurring form of crystalline carbon. It is a native element mineral found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Graphite is a mineral of extremes. It is extremely soft, cleaves with very light pressure, and has a very low specific gravity.

Pvkatgi said: (Jun 18, 2019)  
In around 75% nuclear reactors of world normal water is used as a moderator.

Vineet said: (Nov 22, 2019)  
Hard water is generally used.

Girish said: (Feb 7, 2020)  
Ordinary water used 75%.

R Mandal said: (Jun 28, 2020)  
"Light water" is the most commonly used moderator (roughly 75% of the world's reactors) although the term is slightly ambiguous, usually meaning natural freshwater, but could also refer to actual light water. Solid graphite (20% of reactors) and heavy water (5% of reactors) are the main alternatives.

Kartick Murmu said: (Mar 1, 2021)  
Heavy water (D2O) is used as a moderator in a nuclear reactor. It containing significantly more than the natural proportions (one in 6,500) of heavy hydrogen (deuterium, D) atoms to ordinary hydrogen atoms.

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