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Which among the following is a positively charged particle emitted by a radioactive element?

[A]. Beta ray
[B]. Alpha ray
[C]. Cathode ray
[D]. Gamma ray

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Anil said: (Jun 13, 2011)  
Alpha is 2he4.

Beta is -1e0.

Gamma is 0v0.

Cathode is negative.

Rohit said: (Dec 2, 2011)  
These alpha particles are tightly bound units of two neutrons and two protons each (He4 nucleus) and have a positive charge.

Chanti said: (Mar 19, 2012)  
Alpha particle is the nucleus of the helium means it having the positive charge because according to Rutherford nucleus having the positive charge.

Kriti said: (Jul 5, 2012)  
* Alpha is positively charged particle.
* Beta is negatively charged particle.
* Gamma s electrically neutral.

Gauri said: (Dec 6, 2012)  
The alpha ray is made up of 2 neutrons and 2 protons, As the neutrons have no charge and the protons are positively charged the alpha ray is positively charged.

Deepak said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Alpha particles are twice as heavy as helium atom and are positively charge.

Saba said: (Feb 27, 2014)  
Alpha is positive charge.

Mithun said: (Mar 17, 2014)  
Alpha is a +vely charged particle and it is used in nuclear reaction.

Rati Ranjan Rath said: (Aug 22, 2014)  
What is of gamma ray?

Sangi said: (Jul 8, 2015)  
Gamma is neutral.

De Le Ranat said: (Oct 10, 2015)  
Alpha Rays are doubly charged Helium atoms.

Ernest Rutherford a well known Physicist also used it in his experiment well known experiment Gold Foil experiment.

Akhil Pandey said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
Alpha ray particle. Because Alpha particle losses two electron trough which Alpha has positive charge.

Bharat Sharma said: (Nov 20, 2015)  
Alpha rays are positive part of helium and it have positive charge.

Satish Kumae said: (Dec 15, 2016)  
Alpha is positive charge particle is the right answer.

Mohammad Aarif said: (Oct 22, 2017)  
Yes Alfa charge 2he4 beta charge negative gama charge 0.

Manchima said: (Nov 16, 2019)  
Alpha is a positive charge particle that is the right answer.

Siraj said: (Dec 4, 2020)  
What is the cathode? Please explain.

Suraj Arya said: (Mar 7, 2021)  
The cathode is the negatively charged electrode that attracts cations or positive charge.

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