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Which among the following is a positively charged particle emitted by a radioactive element?
Beta ray
Alpha ray
Cathode ray
Gamma ray
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Pallavi said:   4 months ago
It is proved by Rutherford's scattering experiment.

Suraj Arya said:   2 years ago
The cathode is the negatively charged electrode that attracts cations or positive charge.

Siraj said:   2 years ago
What is the cathode? Please explain.

Manchima said:   4 years ago
Alpha is a positive charge particle that is the right answer.

Mohammad aarif said:   6 years ago
Yes Alfa charge 2he4 beta charge negative gama charge 0.

Satish kumae said:   6 years ago
Alpha is positive charge particle is the right answer.

Bharat sharma said:   8 years ago
Alpha rays are positive part of helium and it have positive charge.

Akhil pandey said:   8 years ago
Alpha ray particle. Because Alpha particle losses two electron trough which Alpha has positive charge.

De Le Ranat said:   8 years ago
Alpha Rays are doubly charged Helium atoms.

Ernest Rutherford a well known Physicist also used it in his experiment well known experiment Gold Foil experiment.

Sangi said:   8 years ago
Gamma is neutral.

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