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Potassium nitrate is used in

[A]. medicine
[B]. fertiliser
[C]. salt
[D]. glass

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Rahul Pipalwa said: (May 30, 2011)  
Above option only fertiliser is suitable option.

Umesh Vyas said: (Sep 16, 2011)  
It contains Potassium and nitrogen, the two major nutrients of the plants (N,P, K) so ultimately it is the source of two major nutrients

Rama said: (Jan 4, 2012)  
But in India it is used rarly and it not made in India.

Monu Jaat said: (Sep 15, 2013)  
It is also used in the sensitive tooth pastes. Its concentration in pastes is 5%w/v.

Aswin said: (Dec 22, 2013)  
What is meant by fertiliser?

Thiru said: (Feb 6, 2014)  
A fertilizer is a plant nutrient in the form of chemical concentrates like urea, Super phosphate or Potash or combination of the three major nutrients nitrogen-phosphorous-potash.

Aastha Choursiya said: (Mar 17, 2014)  
What is the ratio of NPK fertilizers ?

Pranjit said: (Jul 25, 2014)  
What type of fertilizer?

Sk Asraful said: (Feb 14, 2015)  
Potassium nitrate is mainly used in making glass.

Rambow said: (Apr 9, 2015)  
How this fertilizes using?

Rupam said: (May 11, 2015)  
Where used is fertilizer?

Ibrar said: (May 21, 2015)  
It is use in various crops and those cropping land in which deficiency of nitrogen phosphors and potassium.

Vinay said: (Jul 13, 2015)  
Fertilizer is used in agricultural activity for growth of plant.

Rup said: (Jan 29, 2016)  
NPK = 10:26:26.

Bimita Barik said: (Jun 24, 2016)  
One of the medical use of potassium nitrates for the treatment of dropsy.

Peter said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
It helps plants grow very well and help to prevent tooth decay.

Mohd Azad said: (Feb 25, 2018)  
The exact ratio of N p k is 12 32 16 (nitrogen help to become a root of plants) & (also second ratio is 26 26 10 NOT 10 26 26.

Sai Upasana said: (Nov 1, 2018)  
The necessary minerals for plant are subdivided into macro and micro nutrients and potassium is an important component of macro nutrients.

Gopinadh Dasari said: (Aug 17, 2020)  
What are the application of Potassium nitrate?

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