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From which mineral is radium obtained?

[A]. Rutile
[B]. Haematite
[C]. Limestone
[D]. Pitchblende

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Vijay Kumar said: (Feb 7, 2012)  
Uraninite is a radioactive, uranium-rich mineral and ore with a chemical composition that is largely UO2, but also contains UO3 and oxides of lead, thorium, and rare earth elements. It is most commonly known as pitchblende..

Kunjabihari said: (Jan 10, 2013)  
Then from which ore zinc is extracted.

Sushmitha said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
Why not the other minerals?

Garima said: (Apr 9, 2014)  
Pitchblende is U3O8. It is an oxide ore of Uranium. Marie Curie discovered Ra and Po from this ore.

A Venkatesh said: (Jun 25, 2014)  
Why should I use another metal?

Bikash Kr said: (Jan 3, 2015)  
Why radium is not obtained from limestone?

Shristi said: (Apr 7, 2015)  
The chemical formula of Rutile is TiO2 , haematite is Fe2O3, limestone is CaCo3 and that of pitchblende is U3O8.

Sds said: (Apr 25, 2016)  
Which metals are extracted from Pitchblende?

S.Vasanthi said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
Radium is a solid metal.

Aashi Rathore said: (Sep 22, 2017)  
Why is radium obtained from pitchblende?

Vallari K said: (Nov 18, 2017)  
What is obtained from limestone, haematite, rutile?

Subksha said: (May 4, 2018)  

Zinc is extracted from ZINCBLENDE (ZnS).

Ravi Chaubey said: (Jul 5, 2018)  
Where is the radiom obtain form pitchblende?

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