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Who was known as Iron man of India?

[A]. Govind Ballabh Pant
[B]. Jawaharlal Nehru
[C]. Subhash Chandra Bose
[D]. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Answer: Option D


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Raj said: (Sep 16, 2010)  
After the freedom many small gang give voice for is domestic geo freedom like Kashmir, Punjab and Andhra. He handled the issue with his strong mind. Hence he is called Iron man of India.

Sidhu said: (Nov 29, 2010)  
Because it was the name given to them.

Janvi said: (Aug 10, 2011)  
He was the person who made India in form of a country by Blood and Iron Policy otherwise British Government Distributed it in Various small Countries.

Dareen said: (Aug 14, 2011)  
This was because when british asked the people to rise the british flag instead of Indian flag sardar vallabhai patel said that no you cant raise the flag the britishers threatenede him by saying that tehy would shoot him. Without any fear sardar vallabhai patel said that come shoot me on my chest come on this is why he is called the iron man of India.

Priya said: (Oct 12, 2011)  
During the war of independence the Britishers forced the Indians to rise the British flag instead of India .Sardar Vallabhai Patel was against this and he refused .after that Britishers forced him and said if you will not raise the flag they will shoot him .sardar told them without any fear that come shoot on my chest but i will not raise your flag.this is the reason why Sardar vallabhbai patel is called the iron man of India.

Jyoti Kamboj said: (Feb 28, 2012)  
Option d is correct. Because in the childhood a big injury arise in the arm of the patel he take a big iron worm rod and and push the injury. Without any showing pain. That the reason he is called iron man.

Rahul said: (Mar 26, 2012)  
Option d is correct because after independence the biggest challenge for Indian freedom fighters to unite India. And the various states in India were crowned by desi rajas. So he took up the challenge and take the work to assimilates these states like hyderabad, junagarh, etc to be integral part of india, he work with zeal. This compares him with the bismarck of germany in integration of germany. So he is also called as man of blood and iron.

Fariz said: (Apr 5, 2012)  
Sardar Valla Bhai Patel is regarded as the Iron Man of India. Also, he was the First Home Minister Of India

Kalpesh Prajapati said: (Apr 29, 2012)  
Petlad(Gujarat)is the bith place of Ironman. He was really Kohinoor of India.Such person takes birth once in a blue moon.

Abishake said: (Jul 11, 2012)  
He is the great freedom fighter in India. We must be proud of the Iron man.

Y.Venaiah said: (Nov 15, 2012)  
He is great freedom fighter in India. He is inspiration of the Indian peoples. Every Indian proud of them.

Abhilash Singh said: (Nov 20, 2012)  
He was a big freedom fighter of India and he was taken lot of decision for the peace of our country India.

Kaarthe said: (Dec 19, 2012)  
British told to hang their flag in in India he refused it without any fear he is a fearless man.

Bhargav Rathod said: (Oct 8, 2013)  
The king who gave first his kingdom to sardar vallabhbhai patel was maharaja of bhavnagar (gujarat). Maharaja krishnakumarsinhji.

Bhavnagar was the first place given by krishnakumarsinhji to new India.

G,Harini said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Indians are always fighting with each other. They have no unity among themselves. During that time of independence sardar was one who join all the Indians in unity and they worked hard for independence, this is the reason for Patel called "IRON MAN OF INDIA".

Shilpa said: (Oct 26, 2013)  
He fought against the Britishers to get freedom to our country. He is a great leader.

Inder said: (Nov 27, 2013)  
He used to do serve the people and always try to achieve something for Indian people thats why he is iron man in India. In delhi many govt hospitals running with name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Vaishnavi said: (Mar 26, 2014)  
He was a great fredom fighter . This name was given to him caz of his bravery.

Gura said: (Jun 14, 2014)  
He is the one man army of India.

G.Saroja said: (Aug 7, 2014)  
Sardar vallabhbhai patel is the iron man of India.

Chan said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
Sardar vallabhbhai patel is the iron man of India because good freedom fighter.

Himadri said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
To unite hyderabad with was really a big challenge and the army of the province of hyderabad was also very big. But because of the strong mind and outstanding strategy of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Nizam of hyderabad had to surrender and quit. These great works of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel gave him the recognition of iron man.

Ravi Khaksar said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
He is called iron man because he, along with other freedom fighters struggle for freedom. In this struggle he didn't bow before the British government.

Sagar said: (Oct 30, 2015)  
He is really an Iron man. Because he deserves, we must proud on him great personality. strong, fastest mind.

Prudhvi Raj said: (Nov 30, 2015)  
Patel not agree with friendship, give and take policy with other country.

Because PATEL have won princely status GANDHI also agree with his princely status that's way we call him as a iron man of India.

Deepak said: (Jan 16, 2016)  
His ideas were as strong as iron. So he is the IRON man.

Nitesh Nevrekar said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Well in his time there was plague virus affecting people and this virus affected him also so instead of dying by some virus he decide to fight with it and he took one of hot metal rod from fire and keeps on an infected body part.

So maybe this reason everyone called him the iron man.

Mihira Akash said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
He is the first home minister and vice- prime minister of independent India.

Shah Rukh Khan said: (Apr 30, 2017)  
He can do hard work for the freedom of India and he is also first home minister&vice prime minister of independent India. He got it for succes in his hard working for freedom of India.

Shah Rukh Khan said: (May 1, 2017)  
He is the only one man army of India. He also the 1st home minister & vice -prime minister of independent of India. He along with other freedom fighters struggles for freedom. In this struggle, he didn't bow before the British government. We proud of him.

Aadii said: (Jan 22, 2018)  
Also known as Indian bismark.

Ajay said: (May 8, 2018)  
He got the title of Sardar on Bardoli movement (1928). The movement against the payment of land tax.

Pranjal said: (Oct 24, 2019)  
He is compared with Bismark who played a crucial role in unification of Germany with use of 'Iron and Blood' policy. He merged 552 small riyasats in India.

Pranjal said: (Oct 24, 2019)  
Indira Gandhi is called as 'Iron Lady of India'.

Aarshik said: (Nov 27, 2020)  
Because he combined all states together, that's why he is called as Iron man of India.

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