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20th August is celebrated as
Earth Day
Sadbhavana Divas
No Tobacco Day
None of these
Answer: Option
Rajiv Gandhi's birthday is celebrated as Sadbhawana Diwas on 20th August.
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Praneeth said:   3 years ago
Why only Rajiv Gandhi's birthday is celebrating as "SADBHAVANA DIVAS"?

Martin said:   7 years ago
Also, August 20 is an International Mosquito day.

POOJA said:   7 years ago
Give some more details about Sadhbhavana divas.

Kohwsalya said:   7 years ago
Give details about the tobacco.

Aishu said:   8 years ago
What is meant by tobacco?

Vipin mohan said:   1 decade ago
From which year we started to celebrate sadhbhavana divas.

Alliswell said:   1 decade ago
Sadbhavana literally means "Good Feelings" or "Good will." The main theme of Sadbhavana is to promote good will, national integrity and communal harmony among the people of India irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The theme is promoted by taking "Sadbhavana Day Pledge"

NAVEEN said:   1 decade ago
What is mean by Sadbhavana Divas ?

BINU.K said:   1 decade ago
RAJIV Gandhi was one of the prominent political legendaries of our India. He was brutally assassinated by a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu, on 21 May, 1991 . For his memory we are celebrating the antiterrorism day. In my personal observation we need an alternate name for the day, because terrorism is an antagonistic word , which stimulates hatred and negative sentiments among human beings.

Varam said:   1 decade ago
Why rajiv gandhi's birthday is celebrated as sudbhawana Divas?what's that meaning. ?

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