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Which of the following is NOT written by Munshi Premchand?
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Pranjal said:   4 years ago
The guide is a novel written by R.K. Narayan. Guide movie is made based on this novel in which Dev Anand was in the lead role.

Anomii said:   5 years ago
Godan was also written by Premchand in Hindi it was translated into English by naming the gift of a cow by Gordon C Road Armel.

It was a story about a family that struggles between money and relationships a dramatic one.

Anomi said:   5 years ago
The author of Gaban is Prem Chand he was a Hindi poet and writer too. He wrote the novel in Hindi was published in 1931.

The story tells about a middle-class man Ramnath I think, he wanted to make his wife happy for gifting her jewelry and everything, the story travels in the period of British government in that era.

Thank you.

Naser said:   5 years ago
Guide is RK Narayan's novel.

Ekam kaur said:   6 years ago
Guide is of R.K narayan and others are of premchand only.

Akash said:   6 years ago
The Guide was written by R.K.LAKSHMAN'S brother R.K.NARAYAN.

Trisha said:   7 years ago
The Guide novel is written in English by the Indian author are R. K. Narayan.

Victor Ghosh said:   7 years ago
The guide is written by R. K Narayanan. A great novel to read.

Hema said:   7 years ago
Guide novel in the year 1958 in English.

Arindam said:   8 years ago
Guide is written by R.K.Narayan.

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