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Rain water helps to increase the ____ to some extent.
phosphorous contents
nitrogen contents
calcium contents
potash contents
Answer: Option
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Koko said:   1 year ago
Nitrogen is the correct answer.

MOHAMMED said:   3 years ago
Nitrogen is the correct answer.

Narendra Narkhede said:   3 years ago
Nitrogen, because no any part containging Calcium in the rain water.

Vanshika said:   4 years ago
Calcium is the correct answer as rain water is hard water and contains calcium and magnesium. Nitrogen is not correct although it is abundant in nature because it is not much soluble in water even plants need symbiotic bacteria for nitrogen intake.

We can easily see white layer on leaves after raining because of calcium contents in rain water and it's not nitrogen.

Revathi Agri said:   4 years ago
Nitrogen content is the correct answer.

Sonika said:   4 years ago
As per my knowledge, it is nitrogen contents.

Keerthana M Lal said:   5 years ago
I don't understand why the answer is Ca? Please explain it.

Manoj kumar sharma said:   6 years ago
I accept that the ocean water is rich in calcium but it does not evaporated by sun light (because of this we obtain salt) so the correct answer is nitrogen.

Vivek said:   6 years ago
Nitrogen is the correct answer.

Biswanath said:   6 years ago
The right answer is nitrogen.

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