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Plant have ____ while animals lack it.

[A]. starch
[B]. cellulose
[C]. protein
[D]. fat

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Jaweria said: (Dec 29, 2011)  
Because cellulose are present in animal as well as plant.

Tin said: (May 1, 2012)  
Plants have cellulose while animals don't. Cellulose in plants is present in the cell wall which is also absent in animals. Some animals like cow can digest cellulose whereas humans cannot.

Sumit said: (Apr 16, 2013)  
Because they have some some special organs to digest them and they have these organs because it is the part of their diet.

Surabhi said: (Jul 1, 2014)  
Hey but animals don't have starch. All the animals store carbohydrates as glycogen but plants store it as starch. Cellulose in plants is the cell wall material which is also absent in animals but partially gets digested in animal gut forming a roughage or what we call as fibres.

Jay Hind said: (Oct 31, 2014)  
I am totally agreed with @SURABHI I think she's totally correct.

Shalini said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Plants have cellulose stored food molecules whereas animals (not all) have glycogen stored in liver.

Mcm said: (Jul 11, 2015)  
Plants have many cellulose as compared to animals.

Pranita said: (Aug 19, 2015)  
Plants stored glucose in the form of starch and animals in the form of glycogen. So option A must be correct.

Anthony said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
I think the cellulose is correct because animal digest cellulose doesn't mean that animals have it there is different b/w you have this that you need this. That's why some animals lack it. So some depend on the plant for it.

Anthony said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
No, option A is wrong because animal & plant have starch but the different is the form in which they're converted but the same starch.

Esraa said: (Aug 20, 2020)  
But animals don't have starch, right!

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