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Photosynthesis takes place faster in
yellow light
white light
red light
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Qwerty said:   12 months ago
It should be a yellow light.

Vishal said:   1 year ago
Which colour has the maximum quantity that reaches the earth from VIBGYOR?

Can anyone, tell me?

Ashok Behera said:   4 years ago
As far as the rate of photosynthesis is concerned, it is fastest in white light making the rate of photosynthesis maximum.

After White, We Have Violet Light Where Photosynthesis Occur To A Higher Extent as It Has The Shortest Wavelength Hence Has The Max Energy.

Premchand said:   4 years ago
White is correct. Agree with given answer.

Rupal said:   4 years ago
After white light, we have violet where photosynthesis occurs to a higher extent because it has the shortest wavelength.

Rupal said:   4 years ago
White light is the correct answer.

Kartik said:   4 years ago
I think red light will be the correct answer.

Aakash said:   5 years ago
As photosynthesis is maximum in case of red light. The leaves absorb the red light.

Md samim akhtar said:   5 years ago
Red light have maxi wavelength and low frequency. It's suitable for photosynthesis.

Tani said:   5 years ago
I think White light is correct if white light does not come to the plants then how a plant can trap red light to do photosynthesis.

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