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Photo-oxidation is

[A]. photorespiration
[B]. photolysis
[C]. light and oxygen induced breakdown
[D]. All of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Renuka said: (Nov 17, 2010)  
What is the meaning of photo-oxydation?

Sathish.S said: (Aug 14, 2011)  
Photo means light, oxidation defines break down of oxygen.

Utsav said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
Photo oxidation means breaking down of chlorophyll molecules in the presnce of li8 by excess oxygen produced by plant during photosynhesis as a by product. 4 me theanswer should be c.

Iqbal said: (Apr 15, 2012)  
What is photolysis.

Dr Abid said: (Jul 3, 2012)  
Oxidation under the influence of radiant energy (as light).

Musonda said: (May 24, 2013)  
What is photorespiration?

Kushwaha Kaushik said: (May 27, 2013)  
Photo means light $ oxidation means adding of oxygen which is in the favour of option c.

Ashu said: (Sep 3, 2013)  
Can someone tell me how D is correct?

Nushi said: (Oct 5, 2013)  
Tell me the right meaning of photorespiration?

Eng.James Aleete said: (Nov 29, 2013)  
Photo mean light and oxidation is energy so, the answer is D.

Engr.James Aleete said: (Nov 29, 2013)  
By the word photo it mean light and oxidation is oxygen, so the answer is D.

B.Jayasree said: (Dec 23, 2013)  
Photolysis means breakdown of light in the presence of oxygen. It is also known as photo oxidation and photorespiration.

Akshaya said: (Mar 30, 2014)  
Photo means light, oxidation means addition of oxygen and removal of hydrogen. Lysis describes breakdown of molecules.

Huma Parveen said: (May 10, 2014)  
Tell me the meaning of Photorespiration & Photolysis.

Vaishali said: (Jun 4, 2014)  
Photo-oxidation consist of photorespiration, photolysis, light and oxygen.

Ummi said: (Jul 19, 2014)  
Photolysis is defined as the splitting of a chemical compound such as water into its component by light. For example water which is H2O would split into h+ & oh-.

Deno said: (Sep 20, 2014)  
Photolysis is the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Aman said: (Jan 22, 2015)  
Photolysis mean breakdown of molecules into smaller unit in the presences of light and photo respiration we can say the process by which in the presences of light plant consume oxygen and release carbon-dioxide gas during photosynthesis.

Abarisho Sahari Zidadu said: (Jun 15, 2015)  
I think photolysis is the breakdown of light molecules.

Dr. Herry said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
Photo oxidation is a process in which oxygen molecules are break down in the presence of light.

Deepak Rana said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
Photolysis is a chemical reaction in which a chemical compound is broken down by photons.

K.Anjali said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
Photo-light, respiration takes place so it is known as photo-oxidation.

Prachi said: (Mar 9, 2016)  
Photo Oxidation means knockout of electrons from a chemical compound in the presence of light by the high energy photons striking the compound and transferring their energy to the compound and thus knocking them out.

In case of plants photo oxidation is the same phenomenon (described above) , which leads to destruction of light capturing machinery chlorophyll. Accessory pigments like carotenoids play role in saving the plant from photo oxidation by absorbing the high intensity light.

I) photosynthesis is minimum in the green color as it reflects it all.

II) the 2 electrons produced go to the photosystem 2 where they are used to reduce the excited chlorophyll pigments.

Yusuf said: (Mar 20, 2017)  

Photo means light.
Oxidation this is addtion of oxygen and removal of hydrogen.
So, C is the correct answer.

Tani said: (Apr 3, 2019)  
I think photooxidation means in which light and oxygen both are involved, so option D is right.

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