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out of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates present in a cell membrane, what is true?

[A]. Lipids are maximum
[B]. Carbohydrates are minimum
[C]. Carbohydrates are maximum
[D]. All three are in equal proportion

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Lucky said: (Dec 13, 2011)  
A is also correct because lipid is maximum uin membrane

Sumit Singla said: (Apr 16, 2013)  
Ya I'm agree with @lucky that lipids are also maximum according to fluid mosaic model.

Priyapraveen said: (Dec 7, 2013)  
Lipids are maximum and carbohydrates are minimum in cell membrane.

Sanaullah Memon said: (May 28, 2014)  
Yeah of course Lipids are maximum and carbohydrates are minimum in cell membrane.

Dhruvil said: (Jun 23, 2014)  
Cell membrane is made up of lipids and protein molecules in which protein molecules are embedded amongst lipid molecules and it doesn't contain carbohydrate.

Utkarsh Tathe said: (Oct 31, 2014)  
It is made of phospholipid membrane according to fluid mosaic model.

Caroline said: (Mar 20, 2015)  
Why not lipid? Phospholipids form the fluid mosaic model!

Yuva said: (May 12, 2015)  
Ya lipids are maximum because it gives 9.3 calories of energy.

Hardik (Punjab) said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
I also thinks that the lipids are maximum.

Sudira said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
In fluid mosaic model lipids and protein molecules can change their position.

Rajesh Katkar said: (Dec 24, 2016)  
As all are saying lipids are also present in large quantity but it is also true that carbohydrates are minimum in a cell membrane. So both the things are true.

Kuldeep Kumar said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
According to Molecular weight, lipid and protein are equal in Membrane so answer is carbohydrates are minimum.

Wini Saini said: (Oct 21, 2018)  
Yes, I also agree with this according to the fluid mosaic model.

Rana said: (Mar 15, 2019)  
Lipid is 48% & protein is 52%.

LEVI JUMA said: (May 6, 2019)  
Carbohydrates are minimum is correct one.

Kulsoom said: (Nov 15, 2019)  
Ya both are correct carbohydrates are minimum and lipid are maximum in the plasma membrane.

Versha said: (Sep 15, 2021)  
A is the correct answer.

Versha said: (Sep 15, 2021)  
A is the correct answer.

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