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Out of 900 reported species of living gymnosperms, conifers are represented by about 500 species, About 2,50,000 species of angiosperms (flowering plants) have also been reported in the world. The vast and dominant woodlands in Europe, Asia, North America and mountains such as Himalayas are wooded with
all gymnosperms, except conifers
only angiosperms
only conifers
angiosperms and all gymnosperms except conifers
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B.jayasree said:   1 decade ago
Conifer trees also known as gymnosperms trees. It is a shrub bearing plants. Example pine.

Sneha said:   1 decade ago
Please describe the conifers with the any example?

Mr.D said:   1 decade ago
Conifer belongs to the division "pinophyta", consists of 8 families, 68 genera, 550 living species. Their wood is called as 'SOFT WOOD". They are dominant in himalayas, southern Europe and some southern countries.

Sunil dutt said:   1 decade ago
Cornifer are also gemnospermes not true gemno.

Vishal said:   1 decade ago
They are gymosperms (having naked seeds) and have cone like seeds like cedars, redwoods, pine etc.

Somashree said:   1 decade ago
Conifers means what?

Nikhil said:   1 decade ago
Conifers refers to what?

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