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Out of 900 reported species of living gymnosperms, conifers are represented by about 500 species, About 2,50,000 species of angiosperms (flowering plants) have also been reported in the world. The vast and dominant woodlands in Europe, Asia, North America and mountains such as Himalayas are wooded with
all gymnosperms, except conifers
only angiosperms
only conifers
angiosperms and all gymnosperms except conifers
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Zdenek Micke said:   1 year ago
The vast and dominant woodlands in Europe, Asia, and North America, and mountains such as the Himalayas are primarily wooded with angiosperms, although some conifers are also present in these regions. Therefore, the correct answer is "angiosperms and some conifers".

Angiosperms and conifers are more widespread and dominant in the world compared to other gymnosperms. They are found in various habitats ranging from tropical rainforests to tundras and play a significant role in the world's ecosystems.

Chandu said:   8 years ago
What is the difference between conifers and gymnosperms?

Supriyo Das said:   2 years ago
Plants having needle-like leaves, and fruit also have tendrils called conifers.

Rafia Shaheen said:   5 years ago
Only conifers meant?

Please explain in detail.

Joseph Owhewhe Precious said:   6 years ago
If gymnosperms including conifers are all together 900, while only conifers are 500 and angiosperms are 250, 000 in the world according to report, then, angiosperms and conifers are more in the world. So, the answer should be angiosperms and conifers.

Dhillana said:   6 years ago
Why is conifers not a true Gymno?

Deeps said:   6 years ago
Thanks all of you for giving the precious information.

Vemalatha said:   6 years ago
What is conifers?

Vemalatha said:   6 years ago
What is conifers?

Vemalatha said:   6 years ago
What is conifers?

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