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Our major foods, fibres, spices, fruits and beverage crops are
flowering plants
gymnosperms plants
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RUCHI PASWAN said:   2 years ago
Yes, fruits can only developed and ripe in flowers ovary.

Collins said:   5 years ago
Nice explanation, Thanks @Samiksha.

McHuddlestone said:   5 years ago
Nice explaination @Shalini.

Shalini said:   8 years ago
All fruits are ripened ovary. Ovary is found in flowers. In short, fruits can not develop without flower.

Rama said:   9 years ago
What is bryophytes and pteridophytes?

Samiksha Sharma said:   1 decade ago
Angiosperms are the flowering plants & food like wheat, different spices,different fruits & beverages are the flowering plants.

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