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Organic Substances which, in very small amounts, control growth and development called
None of the above
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Robel goitom said:   3 years ago
Ductless glands means the released hormones have no duct or stream they enter in to blood directly.

Amit said:   5 years ago
Hormone play a imp. Role in both plant and animal.

In human all activities during growth made by hormones. Their are so many hormones secreted by verius gland. And every hormones play there own role during development.

Mukeme lawrence said:   7 years ago
Hormones are chemical substances secreted by the endocrine gland usually in minute quantities into the blood stream or initiated by external stimuli as in plant and also in animal hormones are very important and there bring about growth and development as in plant and animals.

Example of animal hormone are the pituitary gland gonad gland thyroid gland adrenaline parathyroid gland and in plant cytokinins gibberellin etc.

Ankeet bhagat said:   8 years ago
There are different hormones for different activity.

Mr. M said:   8 years ago
What are the ductless glands?

Shalini said:   8 years ago
Hormones are steroid proteins.

Adams said:   9 years ago
Hormones are biochemical substances produce in minute quantity by ductless glands.

Aman said:   9 years ago
Hormone is a protein (linked with peptide bond) that are secreted from the body time to time on requirement for the body.

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