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O2 released in the process of photosynthesis comes from

[A]. CO2
[B]. water
[C]. sugar
[D]. pyruvic acid

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

G.K.S.L said: (May 22, 2011)  
In photosythesis the water molecules splits then the electrons are excited used protons finally the the electrons are free and it will fues protons and forms water molecules.

Anil said: (Sep 17, 2011)  
In photo synthesis the main product is sugar along oxygen.

Lavanya said: (Sep 21, 2011)  
6 CO2 + 6 H2O - C6 H12 O6 + 6 O2

i.e., carbon-di-oxide when reacted with water molecules splits into glucose and oxygen

Vinesh said: (Nov 5, 2011)  
This answer is Wrong. The correct answer is CO2.
VERIFIED BY National Medical Institute.

Sudeepti Sanyal said: (Nov 13, 2011)  
Ya its only possible when CO2 Combines with H2O.

Nadeem said: (May 17, 2012)  
During phosynthesis plants takes CO2 and release O2 so, its CO2.

Rahul Mali said: (May 20, 2012)  
Generally three process occurs during photosynthesis it is 1. Absorption of light energy by chlorophyll second is conversion of light energy into chemical energy and splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen 3rd is conversion of light energy into chemical energy so it is possible.

Ajith said: (Aug 29, 2012)  
How do identify?

Anup Singh said: (May 14, 2013)  
How Can its possible?

Ankit Ojha said: (Sep 6, 2013)  
In 6 molecules of water only 6 oxygen atoms are present and 12 oxygen atoms are required to make 6 oxygen molecule. So alone from water we could not get the required no of atoms. So oxygen from CO2 will also be required to complete the reaction.

Kristel said: (Sep 25, 2013)  
It's definitely water. This question was answered by Samuel Rubin's experiment in 1940's.

Rajaraman said: (Nov 8, 2013)  
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Vaishu said: (Dec 29, 2013)  
O2 is release in the form of water vapour.

Arpit said: (Mar 8, 2014)  
O2 is release in the form of water vapour.

In photo synthesis the main product is sugar along oxygen.

Babu said: (Feb 28, 2015)  
In which options is correct?

Preethi said: (Jul 10, 2015)  
Answer is water because free oxygen is released just because of electrolysis of water.

Amos Mwaseya said: (Aug 19, 2015)  
It comes from water.

Yamu said: (Jan 23, 2016)  
Yes it is possible.

Sachin said: (Feb 23, 2016)  
Some says CO2 and some say water vapor. What is correct answer?

Frrrrr said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
No! All of you are wrong the correct answer is pyruvate acid.

Khan said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
Water gets split into H ions and O atom and release electron as well, so the oxygen comes from water.

Deepthi Potu said: (Mar 31, 2017)  
Generally, in the light phase step-2 photolysis that means hill's reaction takes place in that is by taking energy from sun-light water molecule splits into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in that hydroxyl ions further react and lastly forms oxygen and water. So it is possible guys.

Ajay Rattan said: (Apr 21, 2017)  
Ref : Rubin , Hassid and kamen who experimentally proved that oxygen liberated during photosynthesis comes from water.

Actually, the reaction is;

6 CO2 + 12 H2O - C6 H12 O6 + 6 O2 + 6 H2O.

Arijit Shome said: (Jul 3, 2017)  
Ruben's experiments using 'heavy water', H218O, to yield 18O2 gas had shown that the oxygen gas produced in photosynthesis comes from water.

Gideon said: (May 28, 2018)  
Photosynthesis occurs in the presence of water. Therefore water dissociates to form oxygen atoms thereby releasing oxygen.

Muskan Singh said: (Jul 11, 2019)  
During photosynthesis, plants absorb water nd carbon, after Absorption, the water molecules disassembled and converted into sugar and oxygen.

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