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Ms. Medha Patkar is associated with the
Tehri project
Enron project
Sardar Sarovar project
Dabhol project
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Cobulesu said:   8 years ago
She is a national alliance of people movement. She is representative to the world commission on dams.

Pallavi said:   8 years ago
Ms. Medha Patkar is associated with the Sardar Sarovar Project.

Sudhir mali said:   8 years ago
The project is constructed on narmada river Gujrat.

Hejaz Ahmed said:   1 decade ago
Medha Pathkar is a social activist who heads "Narmada bachao Andolan". Sardar sarovar project is the largest structure to be built on river Narmada with a proposed height of 163m from base.

This will increase India's electricity production capacity, however, the environmentalists believe that the negative outcome outweighs its benefit.

Randhir verma said:   1 decade ago
What is for Sardar Sarovar project?

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