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Logarithm tables were invented by
John Napier
John Doe
John Harrison
John Douglas
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Lohith said:   5 years ago
The first table of common logarithms was compiled by the English mathematician Henry Briggs. In 1624, while working with Napier, Briggs and Napier discovered natural logarithms which first arose as more or less "accidental variations" of Napier's original logarithms.

K shaikshavali said:   6 years ago
The abacus was developed in China 3000B. C.

The word abacus means calculating board. The abacus may be considered the first computer and is has been used since ancient time by a number of civilization for basic arithmetical calculation.

Akriti said:   6 years ago
It is the counting frame developed in China. G. K Abacus invented this.

Anu said:   7 years ago
What is abacus?

Sudarsan said:   7 years ago
Which year John Napier discovered the logarithm table?

Sravani said:   7 years ago
Thank you all for the given information.

Shivani chaurasia said:   7 years ago
Thanks for all of us.

Farzana yasmin said:   7 years ago
Can you explain the table?

Gaurav kumar said:   7 years ago
John Napier invented the logarithms table.

Swathi said:   8 years ago
Can you explain the table?

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