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Indian Institute of Petroleum is located at
New Delhi
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Nikunj said:   2 years ago
Thanks @Srinidhi Arekal.

Srinidhi Arekal said:   10 years ago
The Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), established in 1960, is one of the constituent laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), dedicated to R&D in the hydrocarbon sector

These Objectives are.

Development of processes for petroleum refining/petro chemicals/petroleum products,

Application assistance to refineries in selection, and adoption of technologies and optimization of their unit operations,

Evaluation of crudes and petroleum products,

Technical services,

Conduct techno-economic feasibility studies and market demand surveys of petroleum products,

Train personnel of oil/petrochemical industry,

Assistance to BIS in formulating standards for petroleum products.

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