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India's first satellite is named after

[A]. Aryabhatta
[B]. Bhaskara II
[C]. Bhaskara I
[D]. Albert Einstein

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Prithesh said: (Nov 9, 2010)  
because aryabhatta was well known scientist in ancient times

Soumaya Karmakar said: (Apr 28, 2011)  
India's first artificial satellite was named after famous mathematician Arybhtta.

Ajay said: (May 20, 2011)  

Jinas Nassar said: (Jun 5, 2011)  
Aryabhatta was India's first satellite, named after the great Indian astronomer of the same name. It was launched by the Soviet Union on 19 April 1975 from Kapustin Yar using a Cosmos-3M launch vehicle. It was built by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to gain experience in building and operating a satellite in space.

Mahita said: (Nov 1, 2012)  
As arraybhatta was a great mathematician and astronomer and contributed a lot to the world so his name was declared as the name of the first satellite.

Poonam said: (Nov 1, 2012)  
Aryabhatta was a mathmatican and great scientist that's why Indies 1st satellite was named after him.

Sowmya said: (Jul 17, 2013)  
Aryabhatta is considered as india's first satellite. But to be frank 2 say this is not our first launch. But this is one which was built using only our Indian products.

Vipin said: (Aug 10, 2013)  
SOWMYA SAID TRUE, in addition it is made in India by ISRO but launched by the SOVIET UNION on 19 april, 1975.

P.Shri Krishnaa said: (Dec 24, 2013)  
Because it is the first satellite launched by India.

Madhavi said: (Jan 6, 2014)  
Aryabhatta is first Indian astronaut who discovered zero. So the first satellite named as aryabhatta.

Shital said: (May 18, 2015)  
Aryabhatta was the first Indian astronomer of India who shines on the basis of his invention zero, so the first satellite was also named as Aryabhatta.

Keyur said: (Jun 16, 2015)  
Aryabhatta is first satellite launched by India.

Nikul said: (Aug 22, 2015)  
First satellite launched by which country and when.

Manosi said: (Jan 9, 2016)  
Then what is Bhaskara I and II?

Sanjay Chaurasia said: (Apr 9, 2016)  
Yes, Aryabhatta is the right answer.

Kousy said: (Mar 19, 2017)  
Which satellite is launched for the first time without using Indian products?

Can anyone know the answer?

Anil said: (May 29, 2017)  
Yes, Aryabhatta is the right answer.

Gautam Thakur said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
Aryabhatta is a first satellites launched in India.

R Anamika said: (Dec 24, 2019)  
Aryabhatta is a person who is a famous mathematician. When he died, they placed his name for a satellite.

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