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India's first nuclear blast at Pokhran in Rajasthan took place in
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Ranjan said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Srinidhi.

J,ramana said:   7 years ago
Why it is happen?

Saran said:   7 years ago
Thank you for giving the answers.

Azad said:   8 years ago
Thanks @Srinidhi.

Akhi said:   9 years ago
Code name of that project is laughing Budha.

Srinidhi Arekal said:   1 decade ago
Pokhran is an apex research and testing site of the Indian nuclear programme. The site was built by Indian Army Corps of Engineers and is under the control of Indian Army. It is unclear when the site was built but it shot into the international limelight on 18th May 1974 when the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi verbally authorized scientists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) at Trombay to detonate a small and miniaturized nuclear device. Throughout its development, the device was formally called the "Peaceful Nuclear Explosive (PNE)" by Indian Government, but it was usually referred to as Operation Smiling Buddha. The Indian government, however, declared that it was not going to make nuclear weapons even though it had acquired the capacity to do so. It claimed that the Pokhran explosion was an effort to harness atomic energy for peaceful purposes and to make India self-reliant in nuclear technology, but subsequently, India conducted five nuclear tests on 11 May and 13 May 1998.

On 11 May 1998, 24 years after the first operation, the Atomic Energy Commission of India and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) carried out the joint operation, known as Pokhran-II. The AEC India detonated its four devices as part of the underground nuclear testing on Pokhran Test Range. On May 11, a thermonuclear device, under codename Operation Shakti was also tested but its yield produces by the device was significantly lower than expected. Since then, India has declared a moratorium on the testing.

The team consisted of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam,Dr. Raja Ramanna, P. K. Iyengar, Rajagopala Chidambaram, Nagapattinam Sambasiva Venkatesan and Dr. Waman Dattatreya Patwardhan

Asghar said:   1 decade ago
When Pakistan 1st nuclear blast and at where?

Harshq said:   1 decade ago
Indira was the lady who made it possible to strengthen the Indian power in terms of atomic power

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