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India's first atomic reactor was

[A]. Zerlina
[B]. Dhruva
[C]. Apsara
[D]. Kamini

Answer: Option C


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Missha Sharma said: (Mar 17, 2011)  
India's first atomic reactor was apsara. It was also the first nuclear reactor of Asia. apsara went critical at Bhabha Atomic Researce Centre (BARC), Trombay on Aug.4 1956. It heralded the arrival of India's nuclear energy program.

Bharti said: (Sep 22, 2011)  
Thanks Mr. Missha sharma.

Mohd Kaif said: (Jan 24, 2012)  
Thanks missha ji.

Deendayal Nagar said: (Apr 7, 2012)  
Thanks misha ji.

Tanisha said: (Jul 17, 2012)  
India's atomic reactor is located where ?

Hemant said: (Sep 6, 2012)  
Thanks misha ji.

Rahulramesh said: (Sep 21, 2012)  
Where it is located ?

Deepak Ray said: (Mar 25, 2014)  
BARC has consistently maintained the following reactors:

Apsara 1956.
Dhruva 1985.

Dude said: (Jul 2, 2014)  
Can anyone please give more information on the reactors?

Ashish said: (Aug 13, 2014)  
What is atomic reactor?

Mehak said: (Oct 16, 2014)  
A nuclear reactor is a system that contains and controls sustained nuclear chain reactions. Reactors are used for generating electricity, moving aircraft carriers and submarines, producing medical isotopes for imaging and cancer treatment, and for conducting research.

Rajesh said: (Nov 27, 2014)  
Where it is located?

Hima Sankar said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
Thank you for the valuable information about the first atomic reactor. But want learn more information about the project send me as early as possible.

Pooja said: (Jun 24, 2016)  

Thanks for providing the valuable information about an atomic reactor.

Piyush Suryawanshi said: (Jan 9, 2017)  
India's first nuclear reactor is Apsara.

But, first fast acting neutron reactor is Kamini.

Akhila Joji said: (Jan 29, 2017)  
Indians first nuclear reactor was Apsara. Apsara went critical at Bhabha atomic research centre at trombay on august 4, was built entirely by Indian engineers in record duration of 15 months.

It is a swimming -pool -type reactor loaded with enriched uranium as fuel. it is the first nuclear reactor in India and in Asia.
Kamini is abbreviated as Kalpakkam mini reactor is a research reactor located at Indira Gandhi centre for atomic research(IGCAR) in kalpakkam India .it is a joint venture of bhabha atomic research centre and IGCAR which produces a 30kw of thermal energy.

DHRUVA is the largest nuclear reactor associated with Bhabha atomic research centre located at Mumbai
It is India's generator of weapons-grade Plutonium.
Zerlina(zero energy reactor for lattice investigations and new assemblies) was built for studying various lattice parameters of natural fuelled uranium heavy moderated reactors.

Kousy said: (Mar 19, 2017)  
Can anyone explain the working of atomic reactor?

Amar said: (Mar 24, 2017)  
In which place Kamini atomic reactor Is located?

Anil said: (Mar 31, 2017)  
Thanks for lot for giving these information.

K.R.Sekar said: (May 15, 2017)  
1). KAMINI Reactor is located in Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, (IGCAR) Kalpakkam in Tamilnadu.

2). The reactor fuel is U233 (Thorium converted). Not enriched Uranium.

3). This is not a fast neutron Reactor. This is an only thermal reactor.

4). This is used for Neutron Radiography of nuclear spent fuels. Space components. Etc.

5). This is the only operating reactor in the world by U233.

6). This is our Indian Third generation reactor. The first generation is thermal reactor by U233, The second generation fast reactors bu U238 and Pulutonim, The third generation is Thorium convered U233.

K.R.Sekar said: (May 16, 2017)  
The first generation is thermal reactor by U235 (Natural Uranium) not U233.

Mandeep said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
Thanks a lot @Missha.

Reethu said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
Thanks for all the given explanation.

Mani said: (Jun 18, 2018)  
Superb. Thanks for the information.

Maulik said: (Aug 4, 2018)  
What is the difference between atomic reactor and Nuclear Reactor?

Sireesha said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
Thanks all for providing the information.

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