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India participated in Olympics Hockey in
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Ashok said:   3 years ago
India got a gold medal in hockey in 1928 but not in 1936.

Sachin said:   5 years ago
Thanks All.

Dattu said:   6 years ago
Hockey was introduced in the Asian games in 1958 in Tokyo.

Kartick Ch. said:   8 years ago
India won gold in hockey in the year 1928 but participate in the year 1920.

Pavan said:   9 years ago
From when olympics are started?

Rouna said:   9 years ago
India joined hockey Olympics in 1928 and won gold medal in 1936 Berlin Olympic.

Esha said:   1 decade ago
In other country olympic may conducted, by that time british was ruling in India, may they gave permission to participate in olympic.

Uttam chandel said:   1 decade ago
India played first match without shoes.

Abhishek said:   1 decade ago
India got its Independence in 1947, how India participate in olympic in 1928.

Ashu said:   1 decade ago
Thank you sahil.

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