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In August, 1996 at Kolar(near Bangalore), India made successful test flights of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) named

[A]. Arjun
[B]. Nishant
[C]. Vijayanta
[D]. Lakshya

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Amit said: (Nov 5, 2011)  
The DRDO Nishant is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) developed by India's ADE (Aeronautical Development Establishment) a branch of DRDO for the Indian Armed Forces. The Nishant UAV is primarily tasked with intelligence gathering over enemy territory and also for recon, surveillance, target designation, artillery fire correction, damage assessment, ELINT and SIGINT. The UAV has an endurance of 4 h 30 min. Nishant has completed development phase and user trials.

The 380 kg (840 lb) Nishant UAV requires rail-launching from a hydro-pneumatic launcher and recovered by a Parachute System. Launches at a velocity of 45 m/s are carried out in 0.6 second with 100 kW power and subsequent launches can be carried out in intervals of 20 minutes. The Mobile Hydro-Pneumatic Launcher (MHPL) system mounted on a Tatra truck weighs 14,000 kg (31,000 lb) and boasts of a life cycle of 1000 launches before requiring overhaul. Nishant is one of the few UAVs in the world in its weight-class capable of being catapult-launched and recovered by using parachute, thus eliminating the need for a runway as in case of conventional take-off and landing with wheels.

Dave(Luxembourg) said: (Dec 2, 2016)  
Thanks @Amit.

Ani said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
Thank you @Amit.

Anu said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
What do you mean by"DRDO"?

Aprajita said: (Jan 29, 2018)  
DRDO stands for Defense Research and Development Organisation.

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