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If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body
remains unchanged
may decrease or increase
Answer: Option
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Ashrith said:   4 years ago
Good explanation, Thanks @Akshay.

YUGAPOOJA said:   4 years ago
Thank you all for explaining this.

Ritesh said:   4 years ago
Mass of an object possessing kinetic energy is low compared to the body under rest.

Anand said:   5 years ago

The centrifugal force is acting towards the centre of the earth not away from it. There is nothing to do with the centrifugal force. Its about the gravity changes, the value of the accl. Due to gravity decreases thus the weight decreases.

Prashanth king said:   5 years ago
Velocity increase mass decrease.

Santhiswaroop said:   5 years ago
Good explanation @Akshay.

Hamza said:   5 years ago
Basically, it can be said that.

If the speed of rotation of earth increases so will the centrifugal force, which will try to nullify gravity.

Aaaaa said:   5 years ago
Awesome. I would like to know where the weight of body remains same on earth.

Mahesh K said:   6 years ago
In W = Mass * Acceleration.

How does weight of the body would decreases, when rotation increases. The gravitational force also increases. As W & g. Directly proportional. So, please tell me how does weight of the body decreases?

Priyanshu said:   6 years ago
Mass of earth decreases as velocity increases so gravity also decreses.

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