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If force is expressed in Newton and the distance in metre, then the work done is expressed in
Kg wt
Kg wt m
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Vikas singh said:   7 years ago
Joule is the unit of energy and work done is jule/second.

i.e watt is correct answer.

Nikhil said:   8 years ago
Simple answer is that;

Kg for weight.

Metre for distance.

Therefore work is joule.

Anila said:   9 years ago
Force = Newton and Distance = Meter.

Therefore N*m = Joules.

Rak said:   10 years ago
Obviously work is always expressed in 'Joule'.

Hemant said:   1 decade ago
Since work done is always stored as energy or equivalent to energy used work done will have same unit as that of energy which is joule.

Bow! said:   1 decade ago
Kg for weight, while.. Meter for distance, and. Watts for current measuring. So it should be "joule".

Gowtham Chandra said:   1 decade ago
Work Done = Force per unit length

Units of force is: Newton
Units of length is: meter

Newton/meter can be called as JOULE.

Units of Work Done is: N/m = JOULES

Piyush said:   1 decade ago
SI unit of force is newton(N) and s.i. unit of displacement is meter(m).

Work done = Force*Displacement

So, when we take product of both s.i. units we get Nm

Nm = joule(j).

Shravya said:   1 decade ago
i joule = newton.metre
work done=force * distance
joule is an international unit of work done

Naman said:   1 decade ago
Since work= force*displacement
and, unit of force= newton(n)
unit of displacement(distance)= metere(m)
hence, unit of work= newton(n)*metere(m)
which is joule(j)

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