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How many non-permanent Security Council (UNO) members are from Afro-Asian countries?

[A]. 5
[B]. 15
[C]. 2
[D]. 1

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Tarun Arora said: (Mar 28, 2012)  
1. India
2. Morocco
3. Pakistan
4. South Africa
5. Togo

Chandrashekar Iyer said: (May 31, 2013)  
When will India become a permanent one?

Sagar Pradhan said: (Jul 18, 2014)  
How many countries of UNO ?

Kartick said: (Sep 30, 2014)  
There are 10 non-permanent countries of the UNO.

Jai Singh said: (Feb 25, 2015)  
There are 15 total number of security council members, 3 from Asia-Pacific, 3 from Africa, 2 from eastern Europe, 5 from Western Europe and 2 from Latin America and Caribbeans.

In this 5 are Permanent Members:

China form Asia-Pacific, France, United Kingdom, Russia from Western Europe and USA.

So excluding china there are 5 non-permanent members from Asia and Africa.

Sourabh Pandey said: (Apr 20, 2015)  
In which year the no of non permanent members of the security councils has been increased, and what is the exact procedure to be included in the permanent membership.

Sachin Sharma said: (Sep 30, 2015)  
There are the 5 permanent seats of UNO.

Rajnandini Solanki said: (Dec 9, 2016)  
India will become the permanent member of UNO when it will pay satisfy money to UNO.

Amit said: (Feb 2, 2019)  
Where is Japan and Brazil in the list?

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