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Golden Temple, Amritsar is India's

[A]. largest Gurdwara
[B]. oldest Gurudwara
[C]. Both option A and B are correct
[D]. None of the above

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Chandana said: (Oct 12, 2010)  
Which one is older one?

Gokul said: (May 26, 2011)  
Which gurudwara is the oldest one?

Sarita said: (Jun 24, 2011)  
The first Gurdwara in the world was built by Guru Nanak Dev ji in 1521-2 at Kartarpur.

Before the time of Guru Arjan Dev ji, the place of Sikh religious activities was known as a Dharamsala, which means place of faith.

There are four doors into a Gurdwara, known as the Door of Peace, the Door of Livelihood, the Door of Learning and the Door of Grace.

These doors are a symbol that people from all four points of the compass are welcome, and that members of all four castes are equally welcome.

There's always a light on in a Gurdwara, to show that the Guru's Light is always visible and is accessible to everyone at any time.

Nikita Gupta said: (Aug 5, 2011)  
Which guruswara is the oldest one in india?

Amrik said: (Oct 21, 2011)  
The Oldest Gurudwara sahib was at the time of Guru Angad Dev ji, when they started the Langer Pratha..

Guruvingar Singh said: (Jan 10, 2012)  
Thank you very much sarita.

Nazmul Haque said: (May 26, 2012)  
Pyare jio, logically it would be the birthplace of Sahib Siri Guru Nanak dev ji. Hence Nanakana sahib.
However some could also argue according to Aarti, the whole world is the house of Guru, because Naam resonates in every part of it

Aditya said: (Feb 4, 2013)  
Gurdwara Gau Ghat or Gurdwara Pahila Bara situated in Patna is the oldest Gurdwara.

Barsha said: (Nov 9, 2013)  
Whose answer is right? Aditya or Sarita.

Nishant Goyal said: (Mar 25, 2014)  
@Aditya is right, Gurdwara Pahila Bara commonly known as gurudwara Ghai Ghat is the oldest gurudwara.

Amit said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
Who built the Golden Temple in Amritsar ?

Shilohu said: (Oct 30, 2014)  
The Golden Temple Amritsar India (Sri Harimandir Sahib Amritsar) is not only a central religious place of the Sikhs, but also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. Everybody, irrespective of cast, creed or race can seek spiritual solace and religious fulfilment without any hindrance. It also represents the distinct identity, glory and heritage of the Sikhs. To pen-down the philosophy, ideology, the inner and outer beauty, as well as the historical legacy of Sri Harimandir Sahib is a momentous task. It is a matter of experience rather than a of description.

As advised by Sri Guru Amar Dass Ji (3rd Sikh Guru) , Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji (4th Sikh Guru) started the digging of Amrit Sarovar (Holy Tank) of Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1577 A. D. , which was later on brick-lined by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (5th Sikh Guru) on December 15, 1588 and He also started the construction of Sri Harimandir Sahib. Sri Guru Granth Sahib (scripture of the Sikhs) , after its compilation, was first installed at Sri Harimandir Sahib on August 16, 1604 A. D. A devout Sikh, Baba Budha Ji was appointed its first Head Priest.

The Golden Temple Amritsar India (Sri Harmandir Sahib Amritsar) has a unique Sikh architecture. Built at a level lower than the surrounding land level, The Gurudwara teaches the lesson of egalitarianism and humility. The four entrances of this holy shrine from all four directions, signify that people belonging to every walk of life are equally welcome.

Nidhi said: (Nov 20, 2017)  
As per google, the oldest and the largest Gurudwara temple is The Golden Temple.

Vishal Madankar said: (Dec 19, 2017)  
Gurudwara is a famous larjest gurudwara.

Payal said: (Oct 17, 2018)  
Which is the oldest gurudwara in India? Please tell me.

Ghoshii said: (Oct 5, 2021)  
Oldest Gurudwara is Kartarpur, built in ~1571, in PUNJAB.

Parneet Kaur Ramgharia said: (Mar 29, 2022)  
This Gurdwara is made by Shri Guru Ram Das Ji. And the gold that covers Golden Temple is given by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

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